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Thu Dec 28 22:00:15 2017


Scheduled laps: 50

Drivers: 11


Pole: CRogers (104.856mph)

Winner: SRogers ( 98.808mph)

Fastest lap: Kyle Lawson (104.998mph)

Most laps led: Kyle Lawson (35 laps)

_________________Rules_________________ ________________Weather________________ 
Damage:                  None           Realistic:               No             
Full pace lap:           Yes            Conditions:              Clear          
Yellow flags:            No             Windspeed:               0 mph          
Double file restarts:    No             Wind direction:          N              
Fixed setup:             Yes            Temperature:             70 F          
Hardc. mode (Visu/Aids): No/No                                                  
Mechanical Failures:     No             _________________Misc__________________ 
                                        Physics:                 GNS            
____________Weekend Format_____________ Series:                  Dirt55_gns     
Practice:                10 minutes     Game mode:               Simulation     
Qualifying:              3 lap(s)       Quick-race:              No             
Happy Hour:              5 minutes         No             
Number of race laps:     50 lap(s)      Wear rate:               1x             
% of full race distance: 50 %           Number of cars:          11             
                                        Replay Filename:         Fig8 2.rpy     
______________AI Settings______________                                         
Strength %:              100 %                                                  
Strength type:           Manual                                                 
Number of AI-cars:       0                                                      
Adaptive Speed Control:  No