DUEL #1                             DUEL#2


Open To ALL Drivers In The CUP Series

Date - Feb 12, 2018

Track - Daytona_SDT_Night

Mod - MENCup2017

Setup - Fixed

Weather - Fixed

Pitting - 2x

Race Length - 10%  (20 Laps)

Damage - Realistic

As Each Driver Enters The Server He Is Asigned A Number 1 Or 2

At The End Of Practice All Drivers Asigned With Number 1 Qualify And Run Their Race.

Drivers Asigned With Number 2 Are Welcome To Sit And Watch But Are Not Allowed To Race.

After Race 1 Is Over And The Winner Is Done Burning Off His Tires The ADMIN Save Export & Replay And Will Reset The Server.

At This Time Everyone Asigned Number 2 Will Get A Wheel Check And Go Directly To Qualifying.

Thus Race 2 Is Underway.

Race Number 1 Drivers Are Welcome Stay In The Server And Watch Race Number 2.

Once Again After The Winner Burns Off His Tires The ADMIN Will Save Export And Replay.

The Winners Of The Duels Are The ONLY TWO Permitted To Qualify During The Shootout Race And Season Opener.