Remember, this is only a game and we're here to have FUN!


There is always tomorrow to race again.

 “Under all circumstances the league administration decision is final”

Applying: All DRIVERS Must Apply using REAL NAMES, (example, J. Doe, John Doe) & no TAGS on your name & no TEAMS.

All Drivers MUST be 16 years of age or older to race (18 years of age for Excel Cup series) ,unless grandfathered in under special circumstances.

You must be in TeamSpeak with a working MIC.

Make sure you enter the race server ready to race (wheel set, teamspeak and mic working, etc). There will be no Manual Disconnects allowed without admin approval. If you Manually Disconnect from the server without approval you will NOT be permitted to race that night.

Practice: Practice like you plan to race. If you can't make laps without wrecking/driving around with a heavily damaged car/ motor smoking, you can and/or will be asked to leave by the admin.


Qualifying: Qualifying Starts @ 8:35 est.

Once Qual. starts, TeamSpeak and game chat will be quite. Excessive talk/chat during qual will result in penalty. ie. Black Flag.

Once Qual. is over, and Happy Hour starts, we will run a 3 lap practice race(So the drivers can get adjusted to how other drivers act when the green flag drops).Once the 3 laps are done(or if a wreck happens before then), a quick drivers meeting and  5 minute Happy Hour will start. Use this time to figure out who you pit in front of/ behind, and your speed/ and where to enter/exit the pits.


Racing: Once server goes to race the green flag flies to start the race, it is official (unless there is a server crash). NO RESTARTS!!!!

The green flag starts the race and restarts with 10 or less laps to go, the leader starts all others from the restart line chosen during practice.

Laying back or jumping the start to gain an advantage is not allowed.

All drivers must maintain the pace speed until we go green during starts/restarts. 

Race within your limits, relax have fun, start slow and let the tires warm up.

The goal here is to have everyone running at the end.


Black flag: We do not clear black flags so please don't ask!

There is no speeding down pit road to LEAD a lap -5 point penalty will be added if caught during replay review.

Make sure you join the server with the correct number.

Enter Server With Another Drivers REGISTERED NUMBER - 10 point penalty.

There will be no blocking.  With 10 laps or less to go, we will be more lenient with this rule.


Incident: If you cause a caution you must drop to the tail of the field on the "Double UP" lap and restart in the last position on the race track. When the "Game" green flag flies the caution car will pull to the bottom of the track and let the entire field pass as they are doubling up for the restart. Once the entire field has passed said driver can pull up onto the track and get into their restart position.

If you cause a caution within the last 15 laps of the race you MUST enter the pit (any lap) , speed down pit road, and get an End Of Longest Line penalty.

Failure to do either of these will result in a 1 lap penalty after the race is reviewed.

If a driver causes an incident within the last 2 laps of the race they will receive a 1 lap penalty.


2 Incidents: All drivers must retire immediately after their second incident caused in one event. An "incident" can be, but is not always limited to; wrecking, punting, spinning, etc, another car or a self-spin that results in a yellow flag being thrown. If a driver is found to have not honored this rule their scoring will stop at the time of the second caution and will be parked for the following week's event in that series. **

** On nights that have a rotation of series (Mondays, Thursdays) On the final night of a series if a driver causes a second caution and does not retire their scoring will stop at the time of the second caution and they will be parked for the opening night of the series to follow on that night. (I.E. If a driver causes a second caution in the Late Models and does not retire they will be parked for the first week of Street Stocks)

Caution: When the caution comes out, HOLD YOUR LINE and RACE AT A STEADY SPEED back to the line. What this means is, don't let off the throttle all the way, and don't try to pass the person in front of you. Hold your position and slow in turns 1 and 2, not the START/FINISH LINE. With 10 or less laps to go, and the yellow comes out, you are allowed to race back to the line but race back with respect.   


If you are the first car 1 lap down at time of caution, (and did not cause the caution), you will receive the Lucky Dog. To get the Lucky Dog, you will pit on the 2nd caution lap with the lap cars and driver around the field with the wave around cars.

Wave Around Rule: Any cars that don't pit during the caution and are running in front of the leaders, gets waived around the field and pace car on the "Dpuble UP" lap,  and joins the back of the field behind lap down cars, and gets one of their laps back. There will be no Lucky Dog or Wave Around with 10 or less laps to go. Inside 10 laps to go ALL lap down cars must pit the second time by or later. Failure to do so will result in a 1 lap penalty after the race is reviewed.

For Series That Do Not Have Wave Arounds: All other lap down cars, besides, the Lucky Dog, MUST pit the second time by or later.

If a driver causes an incident under caution (contact with another car causing an accident) they will receive a 1 lap penalty. If incidents under caution continue with the same driver further actions will be taken (i.e. suspension for 1 or more races).


Hot Pitting: Under a green condition, "Hot Pitting" is defined as entering pit road at a speed that is far greater than the posted pit road speed limit. We will allow drivers to enter pit road at a speed up to 5 MPH faster than the posted pit road speed limit as long as the drivers are in the process of slowing down to the speed limit when they reach a certain timing line.  When the drivers exceed the 5 MPH buffer they are black flagged or place -1 lap after race review.


Double File Restart. The field will take the green/yellow flag for a restart at pace speed. Once everyone has crossed the start/finish line the lead car can pick inside or outside line all other drivers will begin to double up- odd on the inside, even on the outside. There will be a predetermined restart point at each track. The leader starts the race at that spot. Inside 10 laps to go we will be single file. The pits will be closed on this lap to all drivers, any driver pitting on this lap will be black flagged or place -1 lap after race review.

BAD Connection: If you have a BAD Connection and or are WARPING Do Not Qualify start in the back.If you fall thru numerous times, and it becomes habit forming, you may be asked to park your car due to a lag/warp issue for that night’s race.


HOUSE RULE: Anything that is detrimental to the league. ie over aggressive driving, excessive blocking, flaming of another driver and/or league in public or private, poor sportsmanship, etc. This rule will carry a harsh penalty, from but not limited to a black flag, parked from a race, parked for a week, or getting suspended from the league.



Respect Each Other

Racing Simulator: Nascar Racing 2003 Season.

Internet: Cable, DSL or better.

Equipment: Wheel, Pedals, and Headset/Microphone.





How To Apply:
Click HERE to send an email to Excel Racing and include the following information:
1: How you heard about us
2: Online racing experience
3: Preferred Car Number


Upon registry, PLEASE make sure your info and email address is correct.

If we cannot contact you, we will not activate you.

Numbers Already Registered